Quick facts about Dimension Data:
• founded in 1983
• wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTT Group
• revenue of USD 6,7 billion
• employs over 26,000 highly skilled employees
• over 6,000 clients in 58 countries and all major industry verticals
• delivers services in a further 103 countries through Preferred Partner Programme
• serves 72% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 500
• established global footprint coupled with unrivalled experience in emerging markets
• received over 50 client, vendor, and industry awards in 2014
Details   Contacts
Postal adress: Rue Pafebruch, 89D L-8308 Capellen   Olivier Posty, COO
Zip code and country: Luxembourg   Olivier.posty@dimensiondata.com
Phone: 25 48 25 1   Patrice Chéret, Services Solutions Manager
Fax: 25 48 30   patrice.cheret@dimensiondata.com
Email: patrice.cheret@dimensiondata.com   Bernard Paques, Solution Architect Cloud Europe
Website: www.dimensiondata.com   bernard.paques@dimensiondata.com
    Luxembourg : 220
    Worldwide : 26000
    Worldwide: 6,7 Billion $
Legal form    
Foundation date: 1983    
Service Integration, Enterprise Services, IT as a Service    
Cloud offers
Solutions available on the market
Private Cloud Enterprise Edition (PCEE), Hosted Private CaaS, Public CaaS, Managed Hosting, Oracle as a Service
Specificity of the main offer
Dimension Data Private Cloud Enterprise Edition is one of the cloud models provided as part of the Hybrid Cloud strategy. Private cloud is offered on the client’s premises.
Private Cloud Enterprise Edition is based on market leading VCE Vblock and shipped from factory with Dimension Data specifications. Delivering a pre-configured infrastructure reduces implementation time from months to weeks. This private cloud provides the capabilities of a shared or public cloud in a dedicated model. Most importantly, the Dimension Data private cloud portfolio is consumption based – meaning that the client has the ability to scale up and flex back on a portion of their workloads regardless of the location of the private cloud. Dimension Data is the ONLY provider, actively selling private cloud, which offers this consumption model even when it is located on the client’s premises. Private Cloud Enterprise Edition can be implemented in and accessed from any one of the 18 data centre designated for cloud available on six continents. This private cloud portfolio combined with Cloud Surround and CloudControl will comprise an exceptional hybrid cloud solution in the coming months.
With the addition of our Managed Hosting and Oracle as a Service platforms compliant to local regulation, Dimension Data is uniquely positioned to provide different platforms to host the complete Production environment of our clients.
Certifications (including ISO)
ISO27001, ISO27013, ISO27014, SSAE-16, CSA STAR, ISO9001
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