Systemat is the priority IT partner for businesses in the Greater Region. As a provider of general IT services, Systemat has given itself the task of liberating its customers from constraints due to the choice and management of the hardware, software and tools that go to make up the information system. Our main objective is to deliver the quality that satisfies our clients. To do this:
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Postal adress: Parc d'Activités Capellen 77-79   Roger Wagner, General Manager
Zip code and country: L-8308 Capellen
Phone: +352 31 71 321   André Jacques, General & Services Manager
Fax: +352 31 71 32 200
Website:   Staff:
    Luxembourg: 60
    Worldwide: 320
    Luxembourg: 25K€
    Worldwide: 100K€
Legal form: SA    
Foundation date: 1994    
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Financing, Hardware, Software   Computer hardware, Computer software, IT services,
IT consulting
Cloud offers
Solutions available on the market
Cloud Desktop enables your staff to log in to their Desktop and access their data and their applications (E-mails, business apps, files, etc.) from anywhere: at work, at home, or when travelling.
With Cloud Business Apps, you can put your work and management tools in the Cloud, and this
makes your desktop applications/software accessible on any type of desktop or mobile terminal.
Cloud Mail offers you the real-time availability of your E-mails, calendars and contacts, wherever you are and on any type of desktop or mobile terminal.
Cloud Backup frees you from the constraints of managing traditional backups on tape, discs or removable peripherals. This solution is compatible with all environments, whether virtual or not.
With Cloud Backup & Recovery, you choose the level of security you wish to apply to data back-up.From controlled back-ups to the design of a real Disaster Recovery Plan, with advice from Systemat, you can easily choose the strategy you wish to implement for data backup & recovery.
Cloud DataBox enables you to store, synchronise, share and secure documents confidentially, while truly integrating them in your company's organisation.
Cloud Infrastructure offers you top-of-the-line hosting solutions for all of your IT services.
With the Cloud Readiness Passport, Systemat conducts a qualitative assessment of your IT structure and gives you advice about moving to the Cloud.
With the Cloud Boarding Pass, Systemat will help you relocate to the Cloud while still complying with your targets in terms of your projects, strategy and business.
Specificity of the main offer
We are not just Cloud experts, we are also passionate about all IT resources that the Cloud needs to function. Systemat is an IT firm that has been serving SMEs for more than 30 years: we know our customers' business, we know their needs, and we can easily offer them the solutions that most suit them. Systemat's mission is to propose Cloud Solutions adapted to our customers' needs and to quickly make the changes that will lighten their burden and secure their IT infrastructure by migrating it to our Cloud.
Furthermore, regardless of the Cloud offer they subscribe to, we are committed:
1. To ensuring a fast migration to the
Systemat Cloud
2. To helping our customers with the management of their
IT infrastructure throughout the duration of
our contract
3. To proposing a fixed price per user and
per month, so that they can keep their
budget under control
Certifications (including ISO)
ISO 9001 - ISO 14001
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