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EBRC is the leader in the management of sensitive information. The company has a strong experience in the e-payment and financial markets and provides a full range of services from Advisory to the full-managed services.
6 strategic offers:
Trusted Advisory Services
Trusted Managed Services
Trusted Cloud Europe
Trusted Security Europe
Trusted Resilience Services
Trusted Data Centre Services
Details   Contacts
Postal adress: 5 rue Eugène Ruppert   Yves Reding-CEO
Zip code and country: L-2453 Luxembourg
Phone: 00352 2606 1   Alexander Duwaerts-Director Client Development
    Luxembourg: 185
    Luxembourg: 42.806.416 EUR
    Worldwide: 5.410.758 EUR
Legal form: S.A    
Foundation date: 2000    
Services   Area of activities
Trusted Advisory Services   Governance, Risk, Compliance, BCM, Security Advisory Services, Data Centre Advisory Services, ICT Outsourcing & Performance Advisory, IT Transformation-Cloud Readiness Assessment
Trusted Managed Services   ICT Managed Services
Trusted Cloud Europe   Cloud Services
Trusted Security Europe   Security Services (Vulnerability Management, SOC (Security , Cybersecurity & Forencics as-a-Service)
Trusted Resilience Services   Business Continuity Services (Business Recovery Sites, fully equipped workplaces, trading rooms, Emergency Command Centres, Trusted Backup & Recovery Services)
Trusted Data Centre Services   Data Centre Services, from racks to private suites
Cloud offers
Solutions available on the market

TrustedCloudFactory is an innovative PaaS environment, orchestrating application developments (DevOps approach).
End-to-end product, subset of TrustedCloudEurope, it covers all the life cycle of an application enabling Clients agility in developing on-demand applications: development, test, integration, production, operation, monitoring, continuous improvement

Private Cloud-PaaS: Hosted in EBRC TierIV certified Datacenters, EBRC provides “Cloud-as-a-Service” on a dedicated flexible outsourced platform.
EBRC operates the Cloud infrastructure, defined on the Clients’ requirements and targets (SLA/KPI).
The global architecture is designed to reach the best business performance.
The integration of a TEST / PRE-PROD / PROD structure, in the co-managed platform, makes daily operations possible.

SaaS solutions:

- VWD Portfolio Management:

VWD Portfolio Manager provides financial institutions with efficient access to financial information and markets. Customers benefit from vwd group integrated approach: from analysis, consultation and reporting to trading, marketing and sale of financial products.
vwd portfolio manager, Built on 20 years of experience and with more than 500 clients, portfolio manager has become over the years the reference solution for third-party managers, family offices, asset managers, retail and private banks.
vwd portfolio manager is directly available in the clouds providing third-party managers, family offices, asset managers,... with “one stop shop” for all their IT needs, as emails, storage, backup, disaster recovery, etc. but also business needs with vwd portfolio manager.
- Financial payment hub:
“In line with EBRC strategy of investing in new solutions to enhance its “Trusted Europe Services” catalogue, the joint financial messaging hub service in the EBRC cloud proposed in collaboration with EastNets achieves a new step in the growth of the EBRC product portfolio dedicated to the financial industry. This new cloud-based service with SWIFT connectivity attractive in terms of cost and deployment time aims at supporting Financial Institutions and Corporates with a top rank solution meeting the ISO20222 migration challenges for infrastructures like SEPA and T2S, and improving the efficiency of financial message processing.
- Swift connectivity
Through its Eastnets partnership agreement EBRC clients and prospects benefit from connections to various Swift Service Bureau around the world.
- AML KYC compliance solutions
- Secured mail and File storage services
- Payment & cards management solutions
- Objectway

Public Cloud-IaaS (VPC-Virtual Private Cloud):

Managed with advanced tools from VMware, EBRC IaaS offers the highest level of security, reliability and availability thanks to:
• redundant self-service or front-mutualised services storage mirroring
• twice TierIV interconnected and distant virtualisation farms

Community Cloud:

EBRC has developed TrustedCloudEurope answering PCIDSS Level1 requirements.
The architecture deployed is aligned with PCIDSS Cloud Guide V2 and brings a maximum of security.
It reduces the Time-to-Market and the Time-to-Value bringing simplicity in fast implementation of marketing specifications and recommendations.

Specificity of the main offer
Our main cloud offer is EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe, based on a quality charter offering various guarantees:
1. Quality & Awards
2. Corporate Governance & Stability
3. Security & Risk Management Culture
4. ICT Service Management Performance
5. High-availability
6. Neutrality
7. Green

EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe is an Innovative highly secured and certified end-to-end Service, enabling client’s fast Business Deployment, on a Self-Service or a Full Managed Mode. It has been designed and built to reassure the clients, giving them a readable offer in terms of governance, risk mitigation and compliance.

EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe features the following characteristics, service & deployment models:

5 essential characteristics

• On?demand self?service
• Broad network access
• Resource pooling
• Rapid elasticity
• Measured service

3 available deployment models

• Public
• Private
• Community

3 service models

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)

Certifications (including ISO)
3 Tier IV Data Centers certified, inclunding 2 Tier IV Constructed Facility
PCI DSS level 1
Eco Data Center Star Audit 5*
ISO 27001
ISO 20000
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 5001
ESR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Support PSF
Best Workplace Luxembourg
DataCloud European Cloud Enabler Award
Data Center Facilities Management EMEA, Brill award
Best Cloud Transformation Methods, EuroCloud Luxembourg
Best Workplace Luxembourg
Best Cloud Service for the Public Sector, EuroCloud Luxembourg
Cloud & Managed Services Provider of the Year, IT One awards
Outstanding Contribution to Luxembuorg ICT, IT One awards
Green IT award, Luxembourg Green Business Summit
Best HealthCare Advisory Firm-IT, Healthcare award
Best HealthCare Advisory Firm-Organisation & Operations, Healthcare award  

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