Who are the winners of the Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2020?
Luxembourg, September 24, 2020 – The Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2020 organised by Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg have been awarded during a special 100% digital 2020 edition of the Golden-i Gala given the current pandemic situation.

The winners of the Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2020 have been revealed this Thursday, September 24, 2020 during the Golden-i Gala at the Crystal Parc Building of PwC during a 100% digital 2020 edition of the Golden-i Gala. Indeed, given the current pandemic situation, no audience physically attended the event but attended online.

This year, two categories were opened for applications.

Ø  - Cloud Innovation Project of the Year

Ø  - Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year

In the “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category, 3 projects were distinguished by the jury:

Ø  - EBRC, for the of “Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)” project set up with Finologee

Ø  - Governance.com, for the “Ready-To-Go Business Continuity Manager (RTG BCM)” project set up with ILA (Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs)

Ø  - Gravity Partners, for the “Hybree Desk (DaaS cloud based)” project set up with KPMG

The “Cloud Innovation Project of the Year” category award goes to:


The COVID-19 crisis created a need for working from home solutions that help companies to continue operations remotely while maintaining productivity and reducing risks. Governance.com solution addressed that need with the product-market-fit solution: The Ready-To-Go Business Continuity Manager (RTG BCM) which allows professional organisations such as the ILA to 100% digitally manage their activities and workflows. The ILA was able to organise its AGM successfully and noticed an increased participation of 25% compared to previous years.” mentions Marina Andrieu, Chairwoman of the 2020 Jury.

« Our team is very proud of the achievement in challenging times and we are ready to solve  any new digital transformation challenge. » Georges Bock, Chief Strategy Officer, Governance.com

In the category “Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year”, the jury selected the 3 following start-ups:

Ø  - Gardemaplace, an application that allows private people to find and book activities for their kids

Ø  - Hybree Cloud by Gravity Partners, an innovative Hybrid Cloud Services

Ø  - CleverYak, by Deeplink, a SaaS-based live interviewing solution designed for recruiters

The “Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year” category award goes to:

Hybree Cloud   

 Hybree Cloud has a very strong ambition to compete with international big players in the Cloud area by offering customised, reliable, license-free, user friendly, scalable and cost-efficient solutions at the levels of IaaS, PaaS and DaaS which can easily meet customers cloud requirements. Hybree has its place in the national landscape.” comments Marina Andrieu.

« This award clearly demonstrates Luxembourg’s readiness to embark on a mission for a locally developed cloud technology platform, and to engage local stakeholders to create a Cloud Hub for Europe, and beyond. » Bahador Baradari, Co-Founder, Gravity Partners

Cloud Community Europe Luxembourg warmly thanks the jury for its implication and its availability. The 2020 edition of the jury is composed of:

·       Marina Andrieu, WIDE

·       Jean-Paul Hengen, Luxinnovation

·       Olivier Zéphir, Technoport

·       Eric Dubois, LIST

·       Marc Hemmerling, ABBL

·       Michele Gallo, Ministry of the Economy

·       Patrick Houtsch, CTIE

·       Philippe Linster, House of Startups

·       Georges Santer, FEDIL


Contact presse

Céline Tarraube

Secretary General, Cloud Community Europe - Luxembourg

E-mail : celine.tarraube@fedil.lu